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Beth Dougherty

Beth Dougherty

Display Coordinator

Beth is one of the 3rd generation family owners at The Foursome. She is the sibling who likes to arrange things, especially in color order. That includes her spices and her closet. Upon entering a space, she thinks of how to rearrange it. As the display coordinator at The Foursome, each new season of clothing gets her excited about her job. Floor moves create a fresh palette for keeping things interesting. One of her favorite brands is Rodd and Gunn, offering great New Zealand aesthetic and trimmer fit options. 34 Heritage pants are at the top of her list as well, with innovative fabrication and evolving fashion ideas. Personally, Beth's desire for a timeless yet compelling wardrobe is most influenced by the clean contours of Japanese fashion. She also acquired her eye for style while studying at the School of the Art Institute in Chicago.

Beth appreciates things made of wood, is inspired by nature, and loves artisan coffee and real food. She squeezes as much into her "spare" time as possible, but daily enjoys learning with her three kids as she lives life as a mom. Together they often cook, draw, and go on nature walks. "Boring" is a forbidden word in their house.

2012-01-01 years at the Foursome

"We are all in a lifelong process of learning"

Charlotte Mason

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