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Customize your wardrobe.

Luxury menswear makes a great impression. The Foursome will help you discover the perfect equation for your custom wardrobe.

Why custom clothing?


Endless choices of the finest elegant fabrics offer style options beyond what you will find off the rack. Create a picture of perfection in your mind and you can have that garment. Customize the suit lining or shirt collar to your individual style. The result is a totally unique garment.


When a garment is created to your exact measurements, it is more flattering and comfortable to wear. Especially if you are hard-to-fit or have an athletic build, the benefits of a custom fit will be even more recognizable.


Crafting your own suit or shirt is like designing a house from the ground up. You get to have it exactly how you want it, down to the buttons. Ever wish you could flash a fancy lining with your name embroidered when you reach for your business card? All the details are up to you. But don’t get intimidated if you are not an architect by trade, our skilled fashion experts will help guide you through the process.


How you feel when you get dressed for an important presentation matters. But the impression you make to others is even more important. Owning and wearing a custom-made garment gives that impression you desire – style, flattering fit, and the chance to show off your personality.

Start customizing

To make an appointment email, call 763-473-4667, or stop by the store. Read our Custom FAQs for answers to common questions.

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