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Maui Jim Sunglasses

The Foursome is proud to offer Maui Jim sunglasses! Experience the incredible performance of these lenses with unisex frame styles fit your lifestyle. Visit our store in Plymouth to purchase.

What is Maui Jim's story?
Ka'anapali Beach, Hawaii is the birthplace of Maui Jim. In Maui, they are surrounded by all the colors of the world, and believe in all of them. They created a revolutionary type of lens infused with rare earth elements that balance and enhance color. These lenses also block blare and harmful UV rays from all directions so you can experience the sunniest of days the way they were meant to be.

What makes their lenses special?
Maui Jim's patented lenses with POLARIZEDPLUS2 technology wipe out 99.9% of glare, block 100% of harmful UV, and boost color. They offer four lens materials and colors to choose from based on your preference, light conditions, and environment.

What are their frame options?
We offer Maui Jim frames in plastics, metal, and mauiflex materials that retain shape. All of their frames are durable and feather light. Find the style that's perfect for your active or fashion lifestyle.

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