Stretch Uprising

Men’s clothing has ascended above what many conceived of even a decade ago. Not only have performance qualities been woven into many fabrics on the market, stretch is permeating menswear with a similar influence. As men’s fashion has moved closer to the body with smaller armholes and trimmer pant legs, designers have begun to spin a bit of invisible elastin into the fabric for ease and comfort. It’s the invisible nature of stretch in clothing that makes it so magical. No one knows how comfortable you are even though you look so good. It has taken some time for guys to accept stretch in their clothing, but they are finally catching up to the secret of women’s clothing. Guys who try denim with stretch always come back for more.

So what about the rest of a man’s wardrobe? Underwear, leisure clothes, dress pants, dress shirts, casual shirts, suits and sport coats. Whatever the category, you are sure to find options with stretch tech fabrics.

This spring, we are jumping up and down about this new trend. Byron leads the way with two basic suits and a few vibrant sport coats with stretch. Southern Tide and Mizzen+Main woven shirts offer flexible performance fabrics, changing the way you’ll look at your business casual shirts. 34 Heritage and Ballin bring innovative comfort to pants and shorts. Find your distinct style with ease and comfort at The Foursome. We’ll never reveal how comfortable you really feel!