Byron clothing falls into a unique and rare category of timeless fashion, as they encapsulate the proper fitting garment. As they say, “the fit belongs to Byron, the rest is up to you.” View The Foursome's collection of Byron suits, sportcoats, blazers, dress pants, shirts, tuxedos, neckwear and more.

Where is Byron made?
Byron is imported from overseas.

How does it fit?
Byron has created a British style trimmer-cut suit that is not tight and is truly comfortable.The Byron suit features modern styling with young men in mind. Although it fits closer to the body, the Byron suit is not a skinny fit. Because of the softness of the make, you will be impressed by the versatility in the body types it can fit. The construction employs the best of the old-world canvas tailoring within a thoroughly modern technology driven production line. The fabrics are serge worsted wools. Tightly woven with excellent strength and drape, these fabrics will withstand the most demanding needs and look.

What is the fabric care?

Raw Materials Used

Approach to Business

Interesting Facts
Byron is the name of an English aristocratic poet at the turn of the 18th century. He was the rock star of his times, penning epic poems like “Don Juan.” Byron was also a Greek national hero, dying while battling to liberate Greece from Ottoman occupation.

Company History
Spiro Arvanitakis, designer and owner of Byron was born into tailored clothing grew up in his father’s custom tailor shop. Spending time observing fine craftsmanship gave Spiro his appreciation and dedication that is required to tailor fine clothing.

Mercandise Sold at The Foursome
At The Foursome carries a large collection of Byron suits, sportcoats, pants, shirts, and tuxedos.

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