Kelsey Engel

Kelsey Engel

Owner / E-Commerce

2011-09-01 years at the Foursome

Kelsey married into the Engel family and Foursome business in December 2011 and started working full time as the E-Commerce & Communications Coordinator in 2014. Drawn to the values, legacy and goals of the Foursome to be a "ministry in the marketplace", Kelsey has found her role. Challenged by the dynamics of online retail, The Foursome's website is an opportunity to present The Foursome to the virtual world. The traditional brick and mortar store is still her favorite place to shop because she still believes that the storefront is where the magic happens. An entire outfit from shoes to a new sport coat can be achieved and you can walk away knowing that everything fit right and feels good. Her biggest goal and challenge for The Foursome's website is to bring the high quality service and expertise that is found at The Foursome to customers across the country that are shopping online. The Foursome's online presence will allow everyone to have The Foursome in their own neighborhood.

Even though Kelsey's husband wardrobe and closet is bigger than her own, Kelsey's favorite thing to wear is her Mavi dark denim jeans because they can easily be dressed up or dressed down depending on the occasion. Kelsey looks for items to add to her wardrobe that will be versatile, simple and easy to wear. Black is her favorite color to wear because it is fun to add bold and colorful accessories that complete the outfit for every season.

It is difficult for Kelsey to choose her favorite brand at The Foursome but she does appreciate Byron. Byron clothing is based on British styling which is known to be a trim and fitted sportcoat without being tight or uncomfortable. Bryon cares not only about their design but also the construction of every piece that they make. Byron is also a family business and they are a joy to work with!

Kelsey is grateful for the opportunity to work with her husband Michael and bring their two golden retrievers to the office everyday.


Kelsey and Michael