St. Croix

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Where is St. Croix made?
St. Croix knitwear is handcrafted in the United States, in Winona, MN. While a fully coordinated line of trousers and sport shirts are crafted in Italy.

How does it fit?
St. Croix runs very true to size, neither slim nor generous.

What is the fabric care?
Please follow the instructions on each of St. Croix's garments as care varies depending on the fabric used.

Raw Materials Used
Merion Sheep of Australia: St. Croix uses exclusively the world's finest Super Merino Wool, shorn from the Merino sheep of Australia. This wool is a long-staple fiber, resulting in refined wool that's spun into a very soft, scratch-free yarn that can be dyed into each season's richest colors.

Mozambique Silk: The whitest and softest silk in the world, is available in very limited amounts worldwide. St. Croix uses only this superfine silk to create its natural fiber blended knitwear. Silk lends a beautiful luxurious look with a smooth, soft feel for comfort in any season.

Giza Cotton: The particular climatic conditions and fertility of the soil along the Nile in the Giza region in Egypt produce the world's highest-quality cotton, distinguished by its super-white properties and long-staple fibers. The softness of the cotton combined with its whiteness results in yarns that are vibrant and durable for St. Croix's beautiful high-performance knitwear and jackets.

Pima Cotton:Luxury cotton from the Indian reservations in Arizona.

Mongolian Cashmere: Only a very select group of fashions is made of cashmere, the rarest and most-valuable luxury yarn, gathered from the undercoat of Cashmere goats in the high-plateau regions of Mongolia. Extremely soft and warm, cashmere lends its loft and insulating characteristics to knit fashions of the highest caliber.

Natural Stretch Wool: St. Croix uses exclusively Super Merino Wool, the world’s finest wool from the Merino sheep of Australia. We’ve developed advanced knitting technologies that use an ultra-thin, ultra-fine fiber of the lightest wool to create this natural fiber knitwear. You’ll love that this handcrafted garment stretches to move with you, yet retains its shape for an impeccable look each time you wear it.

Natural Stretch Cotton with Techno-Cotton: By controlling moisture, techno-cotton regulates your body temperature for maximum comfort in all climates. St. Croix's exclusive knitting technology combines moisture wicking microfiber with the finest cotton. The microfiber layer rests comfortably against the body where it rapidly draws moisture away from the skin and transfers it to the cotton, allowing it to evaporate.

Natural Stretch: St. Croix's knit technology for comfort, fit and movement. Provides stretch with total shape retention.

Approach to Business
St. Croix’s underlying philosophy has always been to offer the absolute best quality possible, with the perfection of the product being the ultimate goal. In the words of Bernhard Brenner, “You cannot, at any price, from any source in the world, buy a better sweater. You can only pay more.” This philosophy drives the innovation of new knit configurations as well as the development of exclusive construction methods such as St. Croix’s patented Collar Stays, and Techno-Cotton and Techno-Wool fabrics.

General Style
St. Croix’s designers bring a sophisticated fashion sense from their experience in the international fashion capitals of the world including New York, Paris, and Milan. Their cultural diversity and artistic expression translate into new and exciting fashions each season. Throughout their travels across the globe they study new color trends, fabrics and techniques to create a sportswear collection of exquisite elegance.

Interesting Facts
St. Croix apparel is created using state-of-the-art knitting machines, and where skilled human hands exceed the capabilities of a machine, you’ll find a highly trained craftsperson dedicated to the perfection of every garment. Each sweater is hand cut and sewn, and collars and bands are hand-looped.

Only limited quantities of each garment are produced.

They make the world’s finest polo, the St. Croix Style 3047, featuring their patented knit-in Collar. The collar never rolls up, never rolls down, even after machine washing. This advance creates a polo shirt with a collar that holds up under a jacket -- won’t droop like other manufacturers.

Bernhard “Bernie” was a good friend of Ron Engel, the Foursome founder.

Company History
Nearly fifty years ago, Bernhard "Bernie" Brenner came to America as a young knitting engineer from Europe with a singular vision: "To make the finest sweater that can be made." Amid the scenic bluffs of the upper Mississippi River Valley at Winona, Minnesota, Mr. Brenner founded Knitcraft Corporation with the belief that Winona's beautiful countryside and the strong work ethic of its residents would be key to achieving his vision. In a short time, the St. Croix label became synonymous with perfection in craftsmanship and styling and earned its reputation as the world’s highest quality knitwear. Today, Brenner continues to travel the world with the design team in search of new ideas to bring back to Knitcraft, for which he is the president and CEO.

Merchandise Sold at The Foursome
The Foursome sells the world's finest knits by St. Croix in men's, big and tall sizes. St. Croix's collection at The Foursome includes sweaters, fine Italian sport shirts, trousers, golf knits, techno-cotton t-shirts and more. Shop now.