Why Purchase vs Rent?

The major benefit to purchasing is you get to keep the garment after your event! We are also able to tailor the garment more specifically to you and you will get to wear a brand new garment that has not been laundered and worn multiple times previously.

What sizes do you offer?

We are able to fit a large variety of sizes, from shorts to bigs and extra longs.

Do you offer different fits?

Tux or suit rentals are available in ultra slim or slim fit, as well as traditional fit. For purchase wedding suit packages, we offer a modern fit that can be tailored to your desired fit. Shirts are available in both modern and slim fit.

What is the quality of your wedding suits for purchase?

We offer an all wool suit at an opening price point that most wedding parties choose since it’s a great value. The year-round wool construction offers comfort, breathability and is able to be altered to an individual fit. We also offer a range of higher quality suits and shirts, including custom, if any or all members of your party should desire.

How much lead time is required?

Purchasing suits requires slightly more lead time than renting. Plan to book your wedding and make your choices at least 4-6 months prior to the event. Purchase garments should be ordered at least 3-4 months prior. If this time frame is not met, we cannot guarantee garments will be available.

What is the process?

The process begins by the bride and groom registering their wedding with The Foursome. We recommend calling ahead to be sure a wedding specialist will be available to answer all your questions. At that point you will fill out information on those in your wedding party and select styles and colors for your wedding attire.

If Purchasing: At least 2-4 months prior, each member of the wedding party must come into The Foursome to be fit for their proper size and purchase their garment. If anything is not in stock it will be ordered at this point, otherwise our on-site tailor shop will begin working on alterations. 1-2 weeks after purchase, you will be notified your garment is ready for purchase.

If Renting: At least 1-2 months prior, each member of the wedding party must come into The Foursome to be fit for their proper size and purchase their rental. By Wednesday or Thursday the week of the event, rentals will arrive and you will be notified. We recommend guys should come in ASAP to try on their rental to be sure everything fits properly and allow time for any last minute adjustments or alterations. Rentals are due back the following Monday by 5 pm.

What if a member of the party lives out of town?

Out of town guys should get measured at their local men’s store and send us their sizes. We will then order the garment, process their transaction over the phone, and send them the garment to ensure it fits (extra $15 for shipping). If alterations are needed, they can handle it through a local tailor at their expense or at The Foursome if time permits.

How much does it cost to purchase suits?

Our most popular wedding suit package is $300, after a 30% discount for groups of three or more. You can also create your own perfect wedding suit package from our selection of higher end suit, shirt, and neckwear options. Receive 30% off retail prices when you sign up three or more in a wedding party.

How much do rentals cost?

After our everyday $40 off the manufactures suggested price, rentals at The Foursome range from $140 - $170. This includes everything except shoes which are $25 extra and pocket square (you keep) for an extra $8. With 5 or more rentals, the groom's tux is free and with 10 or more rentals, the groom's tux is free along with 10% off for everyone in the wedding party.

Who do I contact at the foursome?

Contact us to set up an appointment or ask additional questions, 763-473-4667

Wedding Specialists:
Kathy Johnston, kathyj@thefoursome.com
Todd Rempfer, toddr@thefoursome.com