Wedding Suits for Purchase

Purchasing suits for your wedding party can be a great option. Why spend money on a rental when you can spend a little more on a better garment you get to keep! At The Foursome, we help you create your perfect wedding suit package using our a la carte method. Receive 30% off retail prices when you sign up five or more in a wedding party.

Most couples choose our opening price all wool suit since it's a great value. An array of shirt and tie combinations are available to fit your unique style. We also offer a range of higher quality suits and shirts, including custom, if any or all members of your party should desire.


Popular Packages

          Suit, Shirt, Tie - $300
          Suit, Vest, Shirt, Tie - $355
          Pant, Vest, Shirt, Tie - $195

*Package pricing reflects 30% discount. Basic alterations are included.

Couples should plan to begin the process at least 4-6 months prior to your wedding. Check out our FAQs or contact Kathy Johnston, our wedding specialist, at 763.473.4667 or